Engagement Ring Shopping for Valentine’s Day? *Sponsored*

Hello to all of you people out there who are getting ready to propose! Are you engagement ring shopping but don’t know where to start? I have found the GREATEST website to help you pick out that perfect sparkly piece of jewelry for your love. Check out Isabel Bond‘s Ring Match Service to get started.

Why is this website so great? Let me tell you.

  1. It has this handy “Ring Match” option where you can take a quiz and answer questions about your sweet heart. Questions like what she/he likes to do on the weekends, their personal style, job title, and other insights into their personality helps Isabel Bond match you with the perfect ring.

    Ring Match Service at Isabel Bond - Engagement Ring Shopping Valentines Day
    Ring Match Service at Isabel Bond
  2. Once you complete the quiz you get 8 options!

    Ring Match Service Options at Isabel Bond - Engagement Ring Shopping Valentines Day
    Ring Match Service Options at Isabel Bond
  3. Now you can pick out the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart.
    Isabel Bond Engagement Ring Yvonne- Engagement Ring Shopping Valentines Day
    Isabel Bond Engagement Ring Yvonne

    It’s a easy as 1-2-3-Perfection. So pop over to Isabel Bond‘s website and get engagement ring shopping! #hbtisabelbondrings

Monday Wine Fact: Love sparkling wine?

Love sparkling wine? Legend has it that Champagne’s inventor Dom Perignon shouted, “I’m tasting the stars!” after experiencing the drink’s carbonation.

The sparkling wine featured in this picture is the @apaltagua Costero Brut. A delicious sparkling wine from Chile. 60% Chardonnay 40% Sauvignon Blanc – this wine delivers notes of crisp apples mixed with delicious hazelnut to round out a creamy mouthfeel. Pairs well with Monday’s and every other day. 🍾🥂

Sparkling wine from Chile_threadsandvino

Dreaming of Chilean SB

Woke up dreaming about days in Colchagua & Curico. Did you know some Winemakers in Chile are starting to make their Sauvignon Blanc in a New Zealand style? This Vina Correa Albano SB had delicious notes of guava, passionate fruit, and citrus. The nose jumped out of the glass and the palate had a crisp, vibrant finish. A new variety to love from Chile at a great value price ✨💕🇨🇱

Chilean Siesta w/ Apaltagua Granate Demi-Sec Sparkling Rosé

#TakeMeBack to this Chilean Siesta….

Full of afternoon glow, great conversations, and delicious vino💗🍷🇨🇱

This was one of my favorite afternoons in Chile. We enjoyed a bottle of Apaltagua Granate Demi-Sec Sparkling Rosé – Chardonnay infused with Pomegranate juice made in the methode champenoise style. A wine full of flavor! Notes if strawberry, pomegranate, and other sweet red fruits with a crisp effervescent finish 🍾🥂 Learning about methode champenoise, the inspiration behind adding the pomegranate juice, and all around great views made for a fantastic afternoon.

More tales of Chile to come…. Stay tuned….

Why You Should Bring a “Memory Wine” to Thanksgiving

When I drink any Ceja wine I am automatically transported back to their winery and recall the incredible memories made there.  These “wine memories” include spending time with great friends, possibly playing bocce and/or learning to dance salsa, enjoying authentic, delectable Mexican food, and sipping on delicious wine.  I always get a warm feeling (not just from the alcohol ;)) when I drink Ceja wine because of the amazing memories created at their winery with my good friend and her family.

Wine is more than enjoying each bottle’s delicious flavors. It is about the experience and the memories created while we drink it. Whether it is the memory of your winery trip or of the great night you had with friends when you opened that bottle, wine evokes memories of friendship, family, love, and excitement.

As we quickly approach Thanksgiving  I have been thinking about which wines I want to bring to dinner. Instead of picking up a random Pinot Noir or Beaujolais at the package store, I am going to be bringing one of my favorite “memory wines”. A memory wine automatically makes me think about how thankful I am for the people who are in my life. A good vibe to start off Thanksgiving, right? Memory wines put me in a great mood and help to create more awesome memories.  Also, bringing a memory wine can help you take on almost any awkward family situation. Happy vibes are in the glass no matter how weird and uncomfortable things may get! 😉

So let’s re-cap – Why Should You Bring a Memory Wine to Thanksgiving?

  1. The wine creates thankful vibes
  2. The wine creates happy vibes
  3. The wine always helps in awkward situations (in moderation of course ;))
  4. The wine usually creates more awesome memories

And if you can’t think of a good memory wine to bring, pick up a bottle of Ceja Vineyards Carneros Pinot Noir. It is one of my ALL TIME favorite Pinot Noirs.  Wonderful “aromas of wild berry, pretty plum, cola and earthy raspberry. The palate is smooth and richly flavored with a mix of savory dark berry, blackberry, mineral and sage flavors.” A seriously delicious and complex Pinot Noir. It will be a tasty show stopper and there are always great memories surrounding Ceja wines.

This Thanksgiving I hope you make more happy memories with your family, friends, and the wines you share. Happy Thanksgiving!

Visit Ceja:

(pictured above some of the Ceja family – check out more photos on their Instagram)

Ceja Vineyards– Ceja Vineyards is an ultra premium Latino owned Carneros winery. The family originally started working in the vineyards as grape pickers. Over time they were able to purchase their own property and start their own winery. The Ceja’s have a tasting room located between Sonoma and Napa with a Brewery attached. The wines are all absolutely incredible. Make sure to try the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Red Blends.

Tasting Room Hours: Open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday from 11:00AM – 5:00PM

Tastings: Walk Ins Welcome

Tasting Fee: $20.00 to taste 5 wines

Location: 22989 Burndale Rd, Sonoma, CA 95476

#ZinDay 2017

On National Zinfandel Day (11/15/17) I enjoyed the Lamborn Family Vineyards 2013 Howell Mountain Zinfandel.

This Zin is special to me because when I purchased this all of the proceeds from my purchase went towards the victims of the Northern California fires. Support those affected by buying & drinking California wines!

Tasting Notes: Deep, dark color, full bodied, notes of blueberry, black berry, and wine cave on the nose, with a deliciously complex mouthfeel full of pepper, spice, raspberry, and fig on the finish. A solid celebration Zinfandel.

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Purchase: Zinfandel