East Coast – West Coast Boomerang

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Lately I have been traveling back and forth from California to Connecticut. With all this travel I feel that I am beginning to master the “plane travel” outfit. Here is my most favorite travel outfit I’ve constructed so far. The pants are super soft and comfortable. The sweater is light but warm. The bag fits all of my electronics. The sneakers are easy to slip on and off in the security line. And finally, the dog carrier holds my most prized possession, my dog Lily. She is by far my most favorite travel buddy.

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Pants: Jcrew, Sweater: Jcrew (similar), Sneakers: Aldo, Handbag: JustFab.com (similar), Puppy Bag: Petco, Bracelet: Forever21 (similar)

So here are a few tips for traveling cross country.

1. Always carry a scarf with you, like this White & Warren Travel Wrap. It will keep you warm and it can double as a pillow in flight.


2. Before take off and on your layover seek out the “media chairs”. These are comfortable and have multiple outlets to re-charge your phone and tablet.


3. Chap stick and/or lip gloss is a necessity! The air is so dry that your lips will be chapped by the end of the day. I personally prefer a lip gloss that moisturizes such as Nars lip gloss or Burt’s Bees lip shine.


4. Also, it may sound a bit pretentious but having mineral water spray on hand helps to de-puff your face after flights.


5. Bring an eye mask and maybe some ear plugs. This way you might get the cat nap  you need in order to walk off the plane refreshed and fabulous.


6. And finally if you are carrying on make sure to have regulation sized liquids in a clear quart sized bag.


Hope these tips were helpful and that you all have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!