Pop up your basics!

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Recently I stumbled upon this great clothing site called POPBASICS via fellow blogger The Fancy Pants Report. She was wearing a structured stripped shirt with a polka vest. I thought the pattern mix was sensational and immediately went on a hunt for the tops she purchased. You can view the entire post here.

the fancy pants report
via thefancypantsreport

She sourced her shirt from POPBASICS which I found out is a great fashion community where they provide you with “mini collections” to purchase. These “mini collections” usually consist of a shirt or dress and some fantastic accessories. Below is their current release “Melodie“. It has a vibrant reversible dress and enchanting earrings.

Below are some suggestions from POPBASICS stylists on how to style this “mini collection”. I love this feature! The outfits they suggest are fun and flirty. Also, the outfits range in style type so that everyone can find some style inspiration.

melodie boho popbasic

If you have time today definitely take a look at POPBASICS. Personally, I will be looking to this website for new items to purchase and outfit inspiration.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and here’s a Monday Mantra quote to get your week started: “The next time your core beliefs are challenged – try being curios instead of furious” – Randy Gage via The Daily Grind.