2014: Eff Perfection

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Today I was thinking about why I wanted to do this blog. Initially it was for a creative fashion, wine, and travel outlet.  However, more and more I’m noticing it is stretching my comfort zone. I am an incredibly sensitive person and creating this blog does makes me anxious. I’m afraid to share it with a lot of friends and family. I’m afraid of any negative judgments it might bring.

This is because I have always been odd about how I handle criticism. At some points in my life I could care less about other people’s opinions. For example, I moved across the country for grad school not knowing anyone and not caring about how others viewed my decision. Yet, other negative opinions and comments about trivial things such as the way I look, the way I speak – those haunt me for days, weeks, and even years. It’s crazy how that happens.


But, today things changed. I woke up to a TedTalk today by Lizzie Velasquez.  She has a rare disease where she can’t gain weight. Most people would think this is awesome, but for Lizzie it has made her life very difficult. To the point where someone posted a youtube video about how “ugly” she was. Here is her TedTalk – How do you define yourself? – Lizzie Velasquez, where she describes her struggles and how she overcame them. How she defines herself and how she shatters any obstacles that people or her disease throw her way.

After watching this TedTalk it put a lot of things in perspective. My minuscule anxiety about what other people think is nothing compared to the hurdles Lizzie and other people face everyday. So, I have decided to let go of my anxious feelings. Any negative comments or feelings about this blog will not define me, nor will any other negative opinions define me. What defines me is how I take care of my family, how I treat my friends and relationships, how I care for my dog, how successful I am in my career, and how I am always looking to better myself. So bring on whatever opinions this blog sparks. I’m excited to take on the challenge and stretch my comfort zone in a positive way.