9 Easy Tips to Save Money for Travel!

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2014 has a lot of big events in store for me. I have multiple weddings and a few big work trips on the books. These are all fantastic and fun events I can’t wait to participate in. However, I already feel like I need to get away. Take my own “me time” break. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too selfish but ya know what? Sometimes a girl needs her own vacation away. When I have so many things going on I tend to have trouble saving money.  It can be attributed to stress shopping sessions or constantly being on the go, either way I’m not saving as much as I should. My goal for this year is to pay off my credit card and save enough money to go on a trip. A great blog The Vintage Postcard outlines “9 great tips to save money for travel”. I know I will be utilizing them to help pay for my 2014 big adventure. And who knows? Maybe I’ll make a trip back to New Zealand for another round of bungee jumping?

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