Bring on the Bordeaux! – A Home Wine Making Experience

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This year I am making a Bordeaux Blend. The blend is made up of 68% Cabernet Sauvignon from Oakville, 14% Petite Verdot from Atlas Peak, and 18% Merlot from Caneros, Napa Valley.  This blend costs more than my first car so I’m praying I don’t screw this up. Lol

We crushed the grapes on 10/22. It was a deep, dark, and beautiful color purple.

       DSC07674DSC07480 SONY DSC

 We added about 3.5 tsp of postassium meta-bisulfite to keep the must from fermenting and 50mL of Color Pro to bring out even more color. We left the must in a cold soak for 6 days. Keeping the must in a cold soak helps extract “the good stuff” – all the vivacious flavors and color components great Bordeaux’s posses.

There is more information to come! Stop by for the next post updating my wine making process!

Next  I will be discussing Degrees Brix, Total Acidity, and pH Levels

Until next time….

Cheers ~ CM