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      1. Carmenere is a fun varietal to work with from what I hear. I’ll be interested in seeing that when you do. For now I will be tuned in on this merlot vintage though.
        I don’t make any on my own currently..far too expensive out here for cellaring although you can buy bulk juice or grapes from the central valley for a good price…grapes from napa and sonoma are getting way up there in price…the good stuff $5000+ per ton…currently working towards a degree in oenology, and work at a group of wineries in Napa. I sit down once a week with one of our seven winemakers and just tap into their knowledge as best as I can over a bottle of their wine. Typically I can get them to really spill some of their secrets.

      2. Ya Carmenere would have been fun. Hopefully I’ll snag some next year! If you need grapes and a cheap place to cellar check out Suisun Valley. They have great grapes and are right over the hill from Napa. Caymus actually just planted there. If you need a contact my family has a vineyard there and I’d be happy to hook you up with our vineyard manager & cellar master. Email me at threadsandvino@gmail.com if you’re interested. That’s so exciting! I’m sure those sit downs are worth as much as your degree! Feel free to share your knowledge πŸ™‚

      3. Ohhh wow!!! Ya I read an article recently about them expanding over there to Cordelia Rd. Thought that was interesting. I’ve seen some great wines coming out Suisun Valley lately, so that completely makes sense. I will definitely do that once I’ve progressed in my knowledge to the point I feel ready to take the leap. I was really holding out to see if I can get some good Mt Veeder fruit…maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong…damn impossible.
        That and a deal on some Taransaud and Bel Aire barrels…maybe a Gamba if I’m feeling a little crazy.

        They definitely are…I’m thinking about recording some of our convos as some sort of Podcast. They often pull out little things that I know I won’t be learning in a class setting.

        What is your family’s Vineyard named?

      4. Wow! Very cool! If you make a podcast let me know. I’d totally subscribe. The vineyard name is Lanza-Musto Vineyards. If you ever want to visit shoot me an email. I’d be happy to set up a tour for you and some friends.

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