Ice Cream & Wine Pairings for National Ice Cream Day

7 years ago threadsandvino 0

Because Why Not? National Ice Cream Day was yesterday but we should probably do this everyday. Ice Cream & Wine = A Delicious Combination

For Ice Creams with Citrus infusions such as pear or peach match them up with a bright Riesling, Late Harvest Wine, or Muscat Canelli. The citrus and sweet combination will tickle your taste buds.

For Ice Creams with stone fruit infusions such as blackberries, plum, and strawberry try an intense Zinfandel or a rich Port. The ice cream will heighten the fruit flavors in the wine for an awesome fruit bomb of flavor.

Lastly if the ice cream has peanut butter, hazelnuts, and other toasty flavors pair with a desert wine such as Tawny Port or a Madeira, but if you’re feeling more of a dry wine, try a bold Chardonnay.

So kick back with your friends and treat yourself to wine & ice cream today. Cheers!