Save 6 Trees while Enjoying Delicious Sauvignon Blanc

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So I know I’m a little late for Earth Day but it’s also “Thirsty Thursday” and I’m enjoying a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that when purchased saves 6 trees! Not many of you may know this about me…. but I used to rock a hat that said “Tree Hugger” on it so this winery really gets me. One Hope is a California based wine brand that sells delicious wines that GIVE BACK. How awesome is that?! Drink something delicious, but also give to a charity – AMAZING. They have wines that Fight Child Hunger, Rescue Animals, Plant Trees, and Provide Clean Water just to name a few. Click HERE for more details on the wines and their amazing charities.

Now let’s get down to how the wine tastes.. The One Hope Sauvignon is deliciously refreshing. Lemon and lime on the nose, with notes of orange, quince, and, peach on the palate. A bright wine that would pair well with a picnic in the sun accompanied by goat cheese, chacuterie, and great friends.

One Hope Sauvignon Blanc
One Hope Sauvignon Blanc

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