Tolenas Eclipse White Pinot Noir

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The weather has been terribly cold here on the East Coast, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying some delicious white wine.

Last night, as the snow fell and the below zero temperatures rolled in, we decided to open a special bottle. Because why not? We were stuck in our apartment until things defrosted, so we might as well embrace the cabin fever and pour something tantalizing and tasty.

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So the cork pops out of the last bottle of the Tolenas Eclipse White Pinot Noir. (Cleary my dog Lily was VERY unhappy about this being the last bottle) Notes of peach, pineapple, and lemon. My taste buds can’t get enough of this white wine. At first sip I feel transported to a tropical paradise, where I am sipping this delicious wine on a beach. I can feel the sun on face and the light cool breeze that the ocean brings in. Ok, ok so I’m getting a little ridiculous here, but let me tell you, the way this wine made my taste buds dance got me out of my cabin fever misery.

The wine itself has a really cool story.

Tolenas Winery is located in Suisun Valley, CA. Family owned and operated. These second generation farmers produce wines of the utmost quality with a twist. They like to showcase their spectacular fruit, but also take some risks. Rewind to harvest 2017, when they decided to produce a White Pinot Noir. A wine style you don’t normally see. Not only was this winemaking style out of the ordinary, but the hand picked and pressed the grapes during the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Call me crazy but I feel like this wine has magical powers. Hence the day dreaming of warm weather as I sip my glass in my ice box of an apartment. The delightful aromas and flavors that this wine produces can turn anyone’s day around. is out of this world fantastic. Pair it with pumpkin pie, roasted chicken, or even sharp cheeses depending on your fall food vibes. You will not be disappointed.

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Visiting Tolenas Winery

Tastings: By Appointment Only


Pair your Tolenas Eclipse with….

Salmon, Roasted Chicken, and Fettucine Alfredo

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