Rainy Days Call For Delicious Rose´

I was a little skeptical to try wine from a can but this is super tasty. It reminds me of a dry rose´ bubbles but without the bubbles. Very well balanced. Notes of citrus, strawberry, and peaches. The perfect summer rose´!

Wine Via: Union Wine Company

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Lanza-Musto Malbec is “Best of Class”


According to WineJudging.com our 2014 Wooden Valley Malbec, made with Lanza-Musto Grapes is “Best of Class“. Congratulations to the Lanza-Musto and Wooden Valley Winery Team!

Any Home Winemakers entering their 2014 Lanza-Musto Malbec’s in the competitions this year? You might end up with a “Best in Show”

Great Items on Sale from A Beautiful Mess


I absolutely adore the girls over at A Beautiful Mess. Their iPhone App changed my life. It’s like having a mini photoshop on your phone. It’s been great for my work and play instagram accounts. I would highly suggest downloading it today!!

Their online shop has so many lovely items. They offer online classes and fun products/projects for the diy’er and lovers of pretty things. Right now they are having a sale on some adorable books and phone cases. Also, there are some super cute planners ready for pre-order and other great diy project kits.  Below is my wish list. I’m sure a few things will find their way into my shopping cart. Lol.

Make sure to check out their store. You won’t disappointed. Happy Shopping! 🙂

A Beautiful Mess Wishlist:

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Blog (Design) Love 2.0 – Online Class

Messy Box – 6 Month Membership

It Girl Bobbi – Rebel or Girl Talk Bobbi Set (can’t decide :))

Minc Starte Bundle & Exclusive Art Prints

“You’re My Favorite” Masking Tape

Awkward “Thinking of You” Card

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Tiny Rainbow DIY Confetti Balloons

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Wines of Paso Robles


Paso Robles is one of California’s emerging AVAs. It has grown from a sleepy town to a high end wine growing and wine producing region. Winemaking on the Central Coast began when the Franciscan Friars traveled through California establishing Missions. The Missionaries started planting grapes in 1790. You can still see these vines growing today. Since the original plantings of the Missionaries, Paso Robles has become a top destination for farmers to plant grapes. Many famous people have planted vineyards and started wineries in this region. For example, Ignace Paderewski, the Polish pianist purchased 2,000 acres in the 1920’s. He planted Petite Sirah and Zinfandel and eventually opened York Mountain Winery; which is still in existence today.

Paso Robles is comprised of 26,000 acres of wine grapes. It is one of the fastest growing wine regions in California and on the Central Coast. It has a diverse topography. There are rivers, roiling hills, flat lands, and mountains. The soil is comprised of bedrock, weather granite, marine sedimentary rocks, and volcanic rocks. Because of the many different soil components one vineyard block could contain several different soil types.

In terms of grapes, Paso Robles is known for growing Zinfandel, but has gained recognition for Bordeaux and Rhone varieties. The AVA likes to produce non-traditional blends. It is a valley that doesn’t follow the rules and expectations of tradition winemaking. The winemakers of Paso Robles like to make their own rules (see below).


threadsandvino’s suggested wineries: Justin Winery & Opolo Vineyards

If you are interested in making your own wine from Paso Robles grapes give M&M a call! M&M Wine Grape Co. will be receiving Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Old Vine Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Grenache, and Pinot Noir. Pre-Orders are now being accepted. Please call or email us at sales@juicegrape.com or 1-877-812-1137.

“sex & the sommelier”

Terrific article in Bloomberg news about the rise of female sommeliers, featuring several WWLS panelists. Read more HERE


This is a picture of Shelley Lindgren, wine director/owner of A16 San Francisco. Read more about what she has to say on the differences in approach female sommeliers have versus their male colleagues.

image via BloombergBusiness