Engagement Ring Shopping for Valentine’s Day? *Sponsored*

Hello to all of you people out there who are getting ready to propose! Are you engagement ring shopping but don’t know where to start? I have found the GREATEST website to help you pick out that perfect sparkly piece of jewelry for your love. Check out Isabel Bond‘s Ring Match Service to get started.

Why is this website so great? Let me tell you.

  1. It has this handy “Ring Match” option where you can take a quiz and answer questions about your sweet heart. Questions like what she/he likes to do on the weekends, their personal style, job title, and other insights into their personality helps Isabel Bond match you with the perfect ring.

    Ring Match Service at Isabel Bond - Engagement Ring Shopping Valentines Day
    Ring Match Service at Isabel Bond
  2. Once you complete the quiz you get 8 options!

    Ring Match Service Options at Isabel Bond - Engagement Ring Shopping Valentines Day
    Ring Match Service Options at Isabel Bond
  3. Now you can pick out the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart.
    Isabel Bond Engagement Ring Yvonne- Engagement Ring Shopping Valentines Day
    Isabel Bond Engagement Ring Yvonne

    It’s a easy as 1-2-3-Perfection. So pop over to Isabel Bond‘s website and get engagement ring shopping! #hbtisabelbondrings

“let’s find some place beautiful and get lost…”

 santa monica ~ marina del rey ~ venice beach ~ via rodeo



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Great Items on Sale from A Beautiful Mess


I absolutely adore the girls over at A Beautiful Mess. Their iPhone App changed my life. It’s like having a mini photoshop on your phone. It’s been great for my work and play instagram accounts. I would highly suggest downloading it today!!

Their online shop has so many lovely items. They offer online classes and fun products/projects for the diy’er and lovers of pretty things. Right now they are having a sale on some adorable books and phone cases. Also, there are some super cute planners ready for pre-order and other great diy project kits.  Below is my wish list. I’m sure a few things will find their way into my shopping cart. Lol.

Make sure to check out their store. You won’t disappointed. Happy Shopping! 🙂

A Beautiful Mess Wishlist:

Photo Idea Book & Happy Homemade Book

Marbled 2016 Planner

Sew With Us – Online Class

Blog (Design) Love 2.0 – Online Class

Messy Box – 6 Month Membership

It Girl Bobbi – Rebel or Girl Talk Bobbi Set (can’t decide :))

Minc Starte Bundle & Exclusive Art Prints

“You’re My Favorite” Masking Tape

Awkward “Thinking of You” Card

Messy Pen .08 & Medium Tip

4 x 3 Ledger Paper Pad

Tiny Rainbow DIY Confetti Balloons

Bow Stamp Set


links i heart {vol. 1}

a few funky links….



design darling: i’ve been thinking about creating a “home office area” in my apartment and this shop has the most adorable prints and lust worthy office supplies.

becky kinkead: looking for blog inspiration? need some photoshop help? then this is the blog for you. becky has great photoshop and illustrator tutorials to help you brand your blog.

honestly wtf / mark lovejoy: newest art obsession. get lost in the colorful movement.

23 brilliant life lessons from anthony bourdain: seriously. read it.

#WBC15: interested in a blogging? love wine? if you answered yes to both questions then this is the conference for you!

1designperday: check out the 110 most interesting wine labels and pick up a bottle while you’re at it

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Winter at Cassidy Hill Vineyards



Winter time in the vineyard is very important. What happens at the beginning of the year sets the tone for the vintage to come. Cassidy Hill Vineyards in Coventry, CT was kind enough to send me some photos of what is going on in their vineyard this winter. As you can see there is a lot of snow but once the snow melts they will get back to pruning. It looks like it’s their vineyard dog’s favorite activity, don’t you think? 🙂 Notice the close up pictures of the vines below. There is an example of a non-pruned vine and what the vine looks like after they went through and pruned.



before pruning

IMG_8945 (1)

after pruning

Pruning can be a very tedious task. The grapes are only harvested off of 2nd year wood. Therefore, off of each spur you prune down to one cane. Off of each cane you prune down to two buds and each bud will grow into a new cane. Each cane will then have 2 clusters. It sounds simple enough but many vineyard managers will tell you it can be difficult and time consuming. The next time you drive by your local vineyard take a look at what stage of  life the grapes are in. Are they dormant? Have the vines been pruned? Do you see bud break? Just because it isn’t harvest, doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done in the vineyard.

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