Verasion in the Vineyard

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  {pictured above – Lanza-Musto Vineyards Primitivo} Currently our grapes are going through veraison in California.  Veraison occurs when the berry transitions into the ripening stage. From now forward the berry will increase in sugar concentration until it is harvested at the desired brix level. Grapes for sparkling wine or champagne are harvested around 17 Read More

Official Pinotage Numbers

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Brix = 25  (no adjustment required) Starting pH = 3.91 Starting TA = .62 Added 1.5gm Tartaric Acid per liter Final Number are pH = 3.50 & TA = 0.75 ​In conclusion, the final numbers are very good!! Looking forward to seeing how this vintage turns out! #whydoesittakesolong? Read More