#MondayMantra – Be true to your authentic self….

“Be true to your authentic self. Let your inner light burn brightly and shed it’s warmth on everything around you. You only have this one life, so make it meaningful for you… whatever, wherever, and however that works best for your beautiful unique soul.”

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Hope this quote helps pump you up

for your personal journey too!

– xoxo-

Lanza-Musto Malbec is “Best of Class”


According to WineJudging.com our 2014 Wooden Valley Malbec, made with Lanza-Musto Grapes is “Best of Class“. Congratulations to the Lanza-Musto and Wooden Valley Winery Team!

Any Home Winemakers entering their 2014 Lanza-Musto Malbec’s in the competitions this year? You might end up with a “Best in Show”



“Not only do your job, but create a difference—different than the expected, different than the assumed, and different than the last time.”

 “That’s how you become memorable and your work gets recognized and noticed.”

David Sturt, vice president of the O.C. Tanner Institute

quote via Wandeleur ~ image via Unspalsh

Yes Way Rose!

No matter how cold it gets I still freaking LOVE Rose. So I am really looking forward to trying the Umathum Rosa Rose. It is made at a biodynamic winery in Austria where they make wines that are “food for the soul,” according to winemaker Weingut Josef Umathum. It is only $22.00/bottle and can be shipped to any state in the US! I can’t wait to sit on my couch all bundled up watching Scandal and sipping this in my glass.


Tasting Notes via Domaine LA: “This wine blows my mind- starting with the color all the way through to the long-lasting finish. It’s 40% zweigelt, 30% saint laurent and 30% blaufrankish- an intriguing blend considering zweigelt is a cross of saint laurent & blaufrankish. The wine pours almost neon pink- it doesn’t look real! Aromatics of red delicious apples, pink peppercorn, and strawberries burst out of the glass. The palate shows bing cherries, underbrush, watermelon rind, and even a bit of smoke. This is a more plush wine with medium body, subtle tannins, and wonderful complexity that continues to change with every swirl.”

AHHHH can’t wait to have my first sip!